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Charity Swofford

Abstract Artist

After many years away from the paintbrush, Charity’s move from Florida to the Austin Hill Country in 2006 inspired her to start painting again!


With her children grown and retirement at hand, she departed from her previous traditional work and ventured into the realm of contemporary and abstract art. She follows no formal set of rules when painting, rather, she lets her sense of color, texture and intuition lead the way. Her goal is to unleash her internal feelings in outward gestures of beautiful colors and shapes which evoke thought and emotion.


She now lives and works in Shelby, NC where the vibrant energy of this small town continually inspires her. The results of her journey are vivid abstract canvases which have been included in both solo and group exhibitions across the state.

Please contact me to purchase or inquire about one of my original acrylic paintings.

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